XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 function description

XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 function description

XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 are our newest saber version.

The commom update for the both versions

1.More sound fonts available

Compared to other base lit versions like 4 sound fonts,9 sound fonts,12 sound fonts,it has 16 sets sound fonts and if you need you can expand it to 34 sets with a SD card.

2.Bluetooth APP connection

It can be use to upgrad your saber, switch on and off the saber, change the color, adjust the volume, adjust the brightness and blade length, select the sound fonts and light effect, check the percentage of battery power, adjust the sensitivity, one key restore factory Settings and other configurations.

3.More sensitive smooth swing and motion control

The upgraded gravity sensor and sound board make the lightsaber more sensitive and faster to your motion and give you better sound effects.

4.Added features suggested by fans

Add phonetic reading seconds function,this helps operate buttons without leds on the lightsaber to switch functions.Previously only supported by counting the number of button LED flashing times to operate.

Power indicator,convenient and timely charging, avoid insufficient power in the process of playing.

Flash on clash function upgrade,it won't flash white light when spin.It's a much better experience when you're competing.

Adjust lightsaber brightness.

The differences of XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0

1.SD card 
XENO3.0 comes with a SD card with preset 34 sets sound fonts,but XRGB3.0 not,you need to add it if you need.
2.Light effects differences
XENO3.0 is compatible with a neopixel blade and XRGB3.0 is compatible with a base lit blade,therefore, some light effects only appear as flashing white light on the XRGB3.0 blade.
3.Neopixel convert to base lit
XENO3.0 can be converted to base lit version with the converter but XRGB3.0 can not be converted to neopixel version;and when your XENO3.0 saber is converted to base lit version you are supposed to match it with a base lit blade.

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