SaberCustom is a global lightsaber brand, pursuing personalized and fun play experiences through continuous innovations since 2018,especially in sound and light effects, smooth swing sensitivity.

We design it. We produce it. We make lightsaber dueling real.


We are established in 2018, dedicated to the design, production and sales of lightsabers.

our factory

Our factory can independently produce handles, cores, blades and other lightsaber accessories.

We will carry out strict quality inspection and strong packaging before shipment to withstand long-distance transportation.

SaberCustom controls the quality in every link to provide you with better products.

Our warehouse

We own two warehouses over 3000 square meters.

Huge inventory reserves can help us meet various order needs of customers in a timely manner, such as many categories or large quantities.

Our order processing time is generally within 1-3 days.


Our online Service Team provides the highest levels of technical and customer support.

Contact Email: support@sabercustom.com

TEL:+86 15657822289

Contact Address: No. 01, 26th Floor, Building 3, Phase I, Hyundai International Design City, No. 41, Optics Valley Avenue, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan,China


Free Shipping

Free shipping within the United States.