What are the Differences Between Different Boards of the Lightsaber?

What are the Differences Between Different Boards of the Lightsaber?

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Many customers will have questions like this before they buy/when they receive their first saber:

“What is xenopixel?”

“Why xenopixel is much more expensive than baselit one?”

“Proffie?What’s that supposed to mean?”

“GH?What is that now?”

“Which one is more suitable for me?”

And this article, will help you to solve most of that problem.Let’s start by the most frequently-asked question: What boards are you selling and what are the differences?

So SaberCustom has been selling 3 boards which are:

Baselit(①4 Sets of Soundfonts/②12 Sets of Soundfonts=RGB(X)

Xenopixel(③Latest 34 Sets of Soundfonts)

Proffie(④Latest 20+ Sets of Soundfonts)

(From①-④,the price goes up)

[Baselit Saber Intro]

A baselit saber is like a flashlight that emits the light into the tube. And so baselit saber is a very durable blade that is easily replaceable and duel-worthy.

[Xenopixel Saber Intro]

Xenopixel lightsaber has neopixels which have a strip of LEDs inside the saber's blade and the light is generated through the LEDs. And this provide really cool effects and emissions. But it’s not duel-worthy than baselit cause heavy dueling may damage the LEDs inside the blade.

Each soundfont is orginated from the StarWars movie and provide a different set of configuration that you will feel excited every time you switch it. The blaster sound, smooth swing and clash sound differ with the soundfont you choose. It’s like you’ve got a whole new saber once you switch it. Can I have more fonts?

Yes, but not in baselit board, baselit does not have SD card to store these soundfonts like the other two, while xeno and proffie can put as many soundfonts as possible till the SD card storage is full, and be mindful that 34 sets of soundfonts only takes less than 20% of the storage.

Now let’s continue, this chart explains most of their diffenrences, and of course their functions differ a lot, baselit version has got the fewest functions while the proffie board can be customized with some functions as long as you can do programming. Xenopixel board is also customizable but only a few functions like[Clash Sensitivity, Motion control on/off, default blade color and default light effect for each soundfont...].

So to pick a lightsaber that suits you the most, it depends on your budget, your ability of learning new things and programming abilities(Proffie board) as well. Baselit board is pretty budgetary-friendly becuase it’s mostly under 150 dollars. And xenopixel board is more suitable for intermediate lightsaber users when you already have 1-2 lightsabers and want to experience more functions and effects. While proffie is, to be honest, only for those people who could do programming,otherwise it’s not worth the price cause you can’t experience the full power of proffie board.

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